Selected conferences


8-11/5 Wolves across borders
Arr: SLU

15-17/5 6th Swedish Cancer Research meeting
Arr: Karolinska Institutet

25-27/5 European Association of Plastic Surgeons - 33rd EURAPS Annual Meeting
Arr: Karolinska Institutet

29/5-2/6 Swedish Neutron Week 2023
Arr: KI, KTH, SU

12-14/6 73rd Annual Meeting of the Nordic Microscopy Society - SCANDEM 2023

13-15/6 Discover Together Conference 2023 - NUAS 2023

18-22/6 CerebralVascular Biology, CVB 2023
Arr: Uppsala universitetArr: SLU and Uppsala universitet

20-22/6 Wake Conference
Arr: Uppsala University

21-25/8 Kirurgveckan
Arr: Swedish Surgical Association

21-23/8 Joint Nordic Conference on Development Research 2023 - NorDev 2023
Arr: Uppsala University

29-30/8 National Authority Cooperation for Women's Peace Conference 2023
Arr: National Center for Women's Peace at Uppsala University.

23-25/10 Uppsala Health Summit 2023
Arr: Uppsala University

27-29/11 New Horizons in Drug Delivery and Formulations 2023
Arr: Uppsala University, Next BioForm, Nordic POP & SweDeliver




28-31/5 CPAIOR 2024 -21st International Conference on the Integration of Constraint Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Operations Research 2024
Arr: Uppsala University

12-14/6 NKG24 - 27th Nordic Congress of Gerontology
Arr: Karolinska Institutet

23-29/6 IUFRO2024
Arr: SLU

9-13/10 Conference on Human-Computer Interaction -NordiCHI
Arr: Uppsala University


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