What we do

We help you through the whole process - from project planning, marketing, budgeting and proceedings to sponsorship search, participant management and accounting, among many others.

Support throughout the process

Academic Conferences can relieve you and your institution with the administrative and practical aspects of the conference. We help you through the entire process, from project planning, marketing, budgeting and proceedings to sponsor search, participant administration and accounting, among many other things. We want to give you the best conditions to achieve your goals. See us as a natural partner.

Strength and stability

Academic Conferences has been operating since 1988 and currently has 17 employees. We have the resources to organize small and large events. We are specialists and know everything about conferences and events. Over the years, we have organized more than 1500 conferences. We are continuously educating ourselves and are members of MPI (Meetings Professional International), ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association), and initiators and members of Mötesakademin for Sweden's universities and colleges.

Knowledge of the values of universities

We have knowledge of the values of universities and long experience of both scientific meetings and the requirements and conditions that characterize the academic world. This gives you a shorter starting distance to a well thought-out plan and optimal results. We work for the interests of Karolinska Institutet, SLU and Uppsala University. In addition, we take responsibility for ensuring that your conference is included in the necessary calendars and is included in the statistics and documentation that the university needs to develop its activities.

Free from procurement

Since we are an internal unit, you do not have to go through the procurement process and have access to our extensive network of contacts.

No expenses

Throughout the process, we cover all expenses until the conference is completed. We cover the costs of marketing and administration and manage the conference account until it is time to report the results to you.

Control over finances

We help you with budgeting that is sound and thought through, and assist with financial planning and sponsorship. All costs and income are collected in one place, with a separate account for each conference. You have control of the financial situation at all times, without having to mix the conference's finances with those of the institution. We keep you updated and you don't have to make difficult decisions along the way.

The very latest technology

We work with the most modern tools and lead the development. Participant administration is Internet-based in a secure database. Communication can take place 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

Own access in our system

As our client, you get your own access to our database and can follow the registration status in real time, check received abstracts and communicate with the lecturers and participants. That is, if you want to.



Certified to the environmental standard ISO 14001

The environmental certification means that we work systematically to continuously develop our working methods, processes and choice of suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of the conferences.


Our principals

ISO certified

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Tel: +46 18 67 10 03

E-mail: info@akademikonferens.se


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